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A strategic plan for your life/work/project, over a specific period of time ~ incorporating spiritual/creative, intuitive/cognitive and practical/action perspectives and assignments. Two hour-long sessions by phone or skype. Optional follow-up support conversations.

“My Map of Guidance has given me a clarified sense of direction and purpose. The process has all the pleasure of a deep conversation with a soul-friend who asks great questions and really listens! The “map” that came out of this is full of profound insights and pointers for the coming 6 months, at once poetic, profound and practical.”

Shivon Robinsong. Choir Director, Getting’ Higher Choir, Ubuntu Choirs Global Network.

A Map of Guidance story published in lifeasahuman.org.



Define Your Guiding Purpose & Craft Your Emerging Future

  • Are you curious about where meaning and purpose come from?
  • Are you in a time of transition, on a threshold of something new?
  • Do you have more to offer or contribute?
  • Are you committed to your current work, but want to stay truer to yourself.

An intensive step-by-step process of self-enquiry, designed by Oriane Lee, that has launched hundreds of individuals and groups into their future with clarity, purpose, direction and productive outcomes.

One-day program. For groups in-person, and also by phone or Skype for individuals. Optional follow-up mentoring conversations. Read more…

“I participated in the one-day ‘Your Emerging Future’ program in Vancouver in 2014. I was transitioning in both my personal and international career life and feeling my purpose and direction were shifting…I felt uneasy. The program was enormously beneficial. The process of writing and sharing our values, and developing a personal compass, all contributed to an integral realignment. The visual clarity of what really matters to me struck me immediately. I left the program feeling rooted and stable, ready for the next journey.”  2014 Participant

Update 2017: “I’m writing you from North Africa with news that the overseas position in education I dreamed of has come to fruition. The position calls upon all the skills, qualities and prior experience that became so clear in Your Emerging Future. Thank you for opening the way forward.”

· Consulting  ·



Put form to the content and material you have for workshops and presentations. Create a structure for delivery that results in a dynamic flow of optimum learning by your students/audience. For  educators & facilitators in any field, artists & authors, conference speakers & coordinators.



Convene partners for a specific project, bring new liaisons and affiliations that strengthen your base and broaden your scope. A vast web of contacts is accessible through Oriane Lee, serving your own mission in ways like these:

Blackstone Sustainability Institute funds & supports leading-edge environmental initiatives in business, government, science & technology, education and the non-profit community. More info

Partnership of Royal Roads University Continuing Studies, the Association of Complementary & Integrative Physicians of B.C., and DharmaOcean Foundation to produce The Art & Science of Somatic Meditation.

National Health Practitioners of Canada @ Spirit Gate Farm Equine Guided Learning Centre, Victoria BC. Two-day workshop for annual NHPC conference, How Horses Help Humans Heal.

Africa on Horseback 2014: with Varden Safaris in Mavuradonha Wilderness, Zimbabwe and  Canadian Horse Journal Magazine.


Continuous stable support through your time of change, the evolution of your project or the initiation of a new way of life. We meet by phone or skype regularly or intermittently, to suit your own needs and schedule. Deep listening, reflections, guidance, assignments and more.



Oriane Lee’s depth of knowledge, vast web of contacts, life wide experience, and personal dedication for creating, coordinating and facilitating relevant and timely offerings, has truly enriched our engagement with the community.

Hilary Leighton, MEd, Director Continuing Studies, Royal Roads University

I trust Oriane Lee’s leadership instincts – her reliable guidance results in relationships that honour the integrity and dignity of everyone involved. Together we developed clear alignment of the personal with the organizational, which has profoundly influenced the Institute’s ability to be nimble and highly effective in the world.

John Richardson, Executive Director,
Blackstone Ranch Institute
Taos, New Mexico
Tree of Life