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the value of spiritual practice

Contemplative Practice


More than 25 million people in North America practice some form of meditation, millions more engage in contemplative practices and prayer.

  •  Are you curious about your inner life & your relation with the ineffable mystery?
  • Do you want to engage with life less impeded by normal human fears & insecurities?
  • Would you like to bring compassion, equanimity & generosity to yourself and others?
  • Does your sense of the sacred need to be revived?
  • Do you need help choosing a meditation or spiritual practice that suits your circumstances & your nature?

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It arises naturally in us to bring the benefits of spiritual practice and a sense of the sacred to the pressing personal, social/cultural, and global concerns of this second decade in the 21st century.

Oriane Lee is a member of Spiritual Directors International ~

I have found that meditation practice is cumulative over time, growing my capacity to bear deeply uncomfortable emotions or mind states without becoming flooded, out of control, or shut down and flat.

To allow rather than resist raw experience seems to melt self-centredness making way for compassion. Rather than turning away from the suffering of others and despair about the state of the planet, we can find the ability to respond with a generous-spirited heart.

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www.margiegillis.org    photo: Rod MacIvor/Ottawa

    www.margiegillis.org               photo:Rod MacIvor/Ottawa

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“Contemplative practices change the brain and can develop our ability to hold conflicting or contradictory ideas in the mind at once; practice also cultivates our capacities for empathy, trust, honesty, self-confidence, and appreciation for the interconnected nature of all life.”

Mirabai Bush, Center for Contemplative Mind in Society
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