Oriane Lee Johnston

Equine Guided Learning

Oriane in the field

Horses live with heightened awareness, keenly attuned to one another, their environment and their own instinctual needs ~ they naturally resonate with humans when we are in touch with our inner feelings and state. Horse wisdom offers us the opportunity of learning to live with our humanity in a wholesome, congruent, powerful and compassionate way.

Oriane Lee’s equine practice with individuals and groups focuses on mindfulness, presence, and heart-centered leadership ~ in partnership with several wonderful herds of horses on Vancouver Island, Cortes Island, and Vancouver B.C. She has co-facilitated Equine Guided Learning programs for Royal Roads University Continuing Studies · Camosun College · Hollyhock Learning Centre · Spirit Gate Farms · Mary’s Farm & Sanctuary · Healing Heart Sanctuary · and in Africa.
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Finding “Your Way” with Horses

Personal sessions with Oriane Lee and one or more of the herd.

Being with horses is a kind of meditation, clearing your mind, calming your emotions, and energising your body. Find clarity, insight, and purposefulness about yourself and your life. Perfect if you are intimidated by horses and want to feel comfortable and safe in their presence; and for horse people too, deeper connection and trust.


Group Programs

Group sessions include quiet reflection with the herd, interactive play with horses on the ground, and time for de-briefing responses and insights that integrate wisdom received from the horses.

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 Mindfulness and Horses

Join us for a day of slowing down into horse time at Mary’s Farm & Sanctuary in Goldstream.  Horses live in the present, moment by moment. In their company we experience the fluidity of our own mind states, emotions, body sensations and energy. In their  “field” of consciousness we move into a natural presence and peace beyond our everyday cognitive awareness.

The retreat includes breathing and body meditations, time of quiet reflection with the herd, and interactive experiences with the horses. Everyone welcome.

Horses & Integral Leadership

Horses are finely attuned to one another. The leaders of the herd assume responsibility for the well-being of all, adapting to ever-changing conditions. Observing a herd and interacting with horses create an opportunity to learn about human leadership in a visceral powerful and life-changing way.

In a field with a herd of horses – how do we attune with, guide and be guided by their magnificent energy? By shifting from mind-state into the wisdom of body language and energy.

Horses are natural experts in the arts of emotional, social and sensate intelligence, allowing our human leadership capacities to come forward in their presence.  Explore energy, intuition, boundaries, and intention; their effect on communication and power in both personal and professional relationships. Awareness of your strengths is the foundation upon which your own natural leadership capacity grows. Horses bring out the best in us ~ what is real and authentic.

Earth Wisdom, Horse Wisdom

In the horses’ “field” of awareness we become receptive and attentive to the natural world. Synching your own breath with the breathing of a horse dissolves separateness and isolation. Putting your hands on her body, feeling her heart beat opens the way to tuning in naturally to the resonant energy of the earth and your own sense of the sacred.

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Oriane Lee is a member of EFW-CAN, the new Equine Facilitated Wellness community in Canada.

“Horses respond to honesty in people. Whatever the horse’s nature or training history, it can only express truthfully what it feels; no compromising a reaction to save dignity,  nor to hide anger, jealousy or disinterest.  Such privileged communication creates an empathy and understanding with the horse, for yourself and with all living creatures human and otherwise.”

Devon Johnston

“Thank you for your generous spirit guiding me to be present in the company of that lovely horse. I have never found so much value and insight in such a short time!”

Christie Eng

“As a graduate student at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, I love that horses don’t care about one’s degree in leadership — they care how I behave and move around in the world. A little of the right approach goes a long way, building cooperation and momentum for the long term.  Horses and Authentic Leadership brought home how I feel when I’m at my best and ready to interact with grace and grit.”

Adriana Dakin,
Social Profit/Business Consultant

“Growing up on dairy farms, I did not fully appreciate what being in harmony with animals really meant.  These new experiences with horses have softened my heart and allowed me to see horses as collaborative partners.  My world slows down and I am aware of what it means to be in the moment, focused only on our communion, whatever we’re doing together.”

Robert Ball
Robert Ball