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Guidance for Your Life

A Tarot reading is an empowering map for navigating the terrain of your life. Consulting the tarot cards can positively affirm your own intuition and deeper knowing. Find insight & clarity about your own experience, your relationships and your place in the world.

Arrayed in the traditional Celtic Cross pattern, the tarot map sheds light on your current circumstances, reveals inner archetypes at play in your life, and reflects the state of your energy or personal power. Interplay between the four aspects of your life: physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual – body, mind, heart, energy – show how integration, empowerment and new growth are occurring.

Personal & Interpersonal

Tarot readings are also constructive for relationships, projects and organizations — examples  include a new business enterprise, a social profit organization, a book project, an environmental institute restructure, and the design of a new retail website.

Tarot Readings by Appointment

 Allow one and a quarter hours. An audio recording of the reading is included, either CD or mp4, for further reflection at home.

Optional one hour follow-up conversation, by phone or Skype a month or two later, helps you stay on track and receive even more benefit from the guidance in your reading.

In-person:  Hollyhock/Cortes Island, Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, Vancouver Island. Other locations by arrangement.

By Skype or Phone: flexible appointment times.

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 Oriane Lee Johnston began studying the Tarot, Qabalah and Tree of Life in 1980. With a degree in Fine Arts & Psychology, she uses the rich images of the Thoth Tarot Deck as a frame of reference for viewing the world and our human experience. With extensive background in experiential education and abiding interest in human potential and contemplative wisdom, she draws upon many traditions and practices in interpreting the Tarot for individuals seeking guidance.
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“Each reading amazes me, providing illumination and guidance on a very deep level. Oriane Lee’s clarity of communication offers me new ways of perceiving and unfolding my life, spirit in action both personally and professionally. I return to the reading again and again over the months; she is a treasured source of wisdom, guidance and friendship.”


“Your reading is a powerful transformative force in a time of change and reorientation. How quickly all that was vague and unanswered becomes clear with you as a guide. Now, there is focus and direction; a touchstone that I can return to again and again.”

Oriane Lee